Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hair Extensions How Are They

The hair extensions are groups of false hair, whether natural or synthetic, using different techniques bind him to get different effects. Normally used hair extensions to get more volume in those who have fine hair,also to give more length in short or long hair to cover balding areas.

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You can also place the strips of pre-tip hair extensions woven on a temporary basis and can be removed and replaced at will, this is done by sewing the ends of the strips tiny combs (crabs) that are attached to their own hair and make it sufficiently secure.

• Wash your hair with your head up (not upside down).
• Do not rub too much to wash (tangles).
• Apply softeners only from the junction.
• Do not give very direct heat the solder points of the extension.
• Do not brush aggressively.
• Do not let them grow too (from the root to the anchor, will create a tangle of hair or new games if you spend much time, it is difficult to repair).

Also used a lot in hair that somehow under attack of chemicals (bleaching, dyes, or des-curlers curling) and are broken in some areas. It is a good alternative to take these cases to sacrifice the entire length of cheap human hair extensions and clean only with the court, those areas that have been damaged.

• Hair extensions hair can be natural (human) or synthetic (fiber).
• The election is based on the use that we will make of them.

Related Coverage How to Choose a Hair Extension Salon Hair extensions are a big deal right now, anyone who is anyone is getting them attached and due to the fact they are quite a dramatic change and in some cases can come with a pretty big price tag, you expect them to be perfect, well the only real way to do this successfully is to visit the right salon. In fact to some extent choosing the right salon is more important than choosing the type of extension that you want applied, so with this is mind just how do you go about finding the right one? Choosing Real Hair Extensions If you ask anyone who either has hair extensions or is contemplating getting them as to what the best type on the market is I bet you would get an overwhelming number of people reply with real hair extensions or as they are otherwise known human hair extensions.

Even most experts agree that they are the best and most natural looking on the market. So with this in mind, when you are looking to have extensions applied make sure you choose real hair. Remove Hair Extensions – How to Do it Right Without Damaging Your Hair It is important to remember that to remove hair extensions you do not want to damage your hair. Hair extensions are a lot of fun, particularly as they let you go from short to long hair quickly and in a brief period of time. Long hair can be a lot of effort and many individuals want the look of long hair but only for a day or weekend, then hair extension is a great option. Are Hair Extensions For You? Hair extensions are fast becoming one of the most popular ways of changing your look. With extensions you can dramatically change your look by adding extra length, volume and even colour if you want. However, the change doesn't have to be dramatic if you don't want it to be.

• Therefore, we must know the differences in both use and maintenance between them, because if we stick to multiple forms of placement, is equal in both cases.
• Natural hair extensions give us the possibility of making them all work since their morphology is identical to that we have in our heads, so we can curl it with irons, with curling, curly, working with hand dryer and even can change the color of the hair.

• Synthetic hair extensions, to be a fiber or plastic, we do not allow this type of variation, only a very careful manner.

• For this case we must use a special plate with temperature or vapor, can vary slightly the way they start.

• If not treated carefully, with direct heat shrink and even burn.

• For all the above, although the natural hair extensions are more expensive, would be more appropriate if you want to take fixed.

It is very important for the use of hair extensions make proper maintenance of them, which we address the following recommendations.

Hair extensions can be found in clumps or groups united in woven strips, which are cut taking into account the diameter of the head area where they will be placed.

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