Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All You Need to Know About Clip in Hair Extensions

Hair extension is a technique which helps you to add extra hair to the existing natural hair that you have. There are different methods to do this. Clip in hair extension is an important method by which you can add hair extensions to your own natural hair. If you are looking for a style that can give you within a few minutes beautiful locks flowing all the way down, Clip in hair extensions is just the right choice for you. You can get all this without actually having to spend hours at a beauty salon for a hair extension. The only downside to this technique is that it is a temporary solution and the hair extensions need to be discarded in the end. Clip in hair extensions are more affordable,remy hair extensions, they do not damage the original hair and you can do the makeover all by yourself in a few minutes. Clip in hair extensions consist of 3-4" wide quality hair strands that can be attached to your natural hair using a clip. Hair strands that are 1-2" in width are used for the sides. They come in lengths of 14",cheap hair extensions, 16" and 18". However, going for longer lengths may cause more strain to your existing hair. Clip in hair extensions are made out of both human hair and synthetic hair. However,hair extensions, if you use synthetic hair you may not be able to do any further styling on them. Clip in hair extensions come in the form of complete headsets, double weft sets, one piece sets and also coloured sets or streaks. Do It Yourself Tips For Clip In Hair Extensions: •Practice the opening and closing of the clips a couple of times in order to smoothly operate them. •Use a tail comb or your index finger and make a 1-inch partition horizontally starting from the nape across the scalp. All the hair above this goes into a knot secured with a clip. •Start with the middle of the hair first. Slide the comb on to your hair and attach the hair extension on to your hair by snapping the clip shut. •Now do the same for extensions on both the sides. •Secure the clips and be sure that they are all flat. •Now release the clipped hair above this and use a comb to make another similar partition and be sure this is 1 inch above the extension hair. Secure this again in a bunch using a clip. •Now attach more hair extensions similar to the earlier one and again start from the middle. •Continue this procedure as you move up from the back of the head. •For the sides make horizontal partitions from above the ear and attach the smaller hair extensions in the similar fashion. •Be sure that the wefts and clips do not become visible. Now style your hair in a way you want and you are done,human hair extensions! For more information about Clip in hair extensions, please visit Additional Lengths

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