Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Attach Hair Extensions

Step 1

The next step is to cornrow every part of the separated section starting from left to right. As for the complete form of head extensions, you need to cornrow your hair about your head in a round form. See to it that the braids are fully firm to grip the extensions. This pattern will not stay for longer if you make use of loose braiding.

Hair Extension DIY is a step by step video guide which will explain to you all you need to do to attach your hair extension yourself without having to visit the salon or seek a second hand help and yet it will look beautiful like you need it at a hair saloon. See more about it at Hair Extension DIY Review

Asses the hair extension and make them out to attach the cornrow. For the types of hair extensions that are thick and broad, the hair should be doubled and in some extent tripled to boost it broadness. You also need to map out, estimate the thread and attach it to the needle.

There are some things which you need to attach the hair extensions to your head. They are scissors, the hair extension, comb,human hair extensions, needle,clip in hair extensions, thread and some other things which will make this easy for you.

Are you in search of a way to attach your hair extensions? One of the means is by weaving. Hair extension is a popular known way to tackle short hair for years. When you attach your hair with extensions, it will give your hair rest from the steady relaxing which usually damage the hair. Just as the way you carry out other forms of styles, you need to take proper caution so you will be able to keep the state of your hair which is below the extension.

Step 2

Step 7

When you are through with the stitching of the extensions in every section of the cornrow,cheap hair extensions, bind a little knot to the thread, also try to remain a small portion of the extension hanging on. This is necessary to enable the extensions to be taken off fast.

First, begin by washing and conditioning your hair properly. When you are through with cleaning it, dry your hair using a hair dryer so it will not look unbent and do not use any styling substance on it. I suggest you desist from attempting to impregnate it using any form of oil.

Step 6

Based on the pattern of the hair extension, separate the hair based on a particular style. For instance, if the kind of taste you want is a complete head, separate the hair from pate to pate. If you are using half extensions,remy hair extensions, separate your hair unbent starting from the base to the neckline to the pate.

Step 4

When you through, do not forget to style the extension. Also include moisture to the scalp of your desire.

Stitch every row of the extension to the cornrow through the process of weaving using needle and thread by the hard lining of the extension together with its single cornrow. This procedure will link the extensions to the cornrows. Try to make sure you drag the thread out till you are able to get a maximum grip.

Step 5

If you are lost somewhere, you did not get the whole process very well or you need more practical guide on how to attach your hair extension. I have one for you below.

Step 3

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