Monday, June 6, 2011

Buying Lace Front Wigs Online

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**WARNING** Due to the popularity of lace front wigs and various trendy wigs, scam artists are springing up everywhere. Do not waste you money on dirt cheap lace front wigs. Although the price may be tempting, you will get what you pay for (if you get it at all). Many cheap wigs are mass produced by a machine as opposed to being crafted by skilled wig makers who hand tie each individual hair strand of the wig base. A well crafted lace front wig usually takes 40 to 80 hours to make! Remember the saying "If it's too good to be true then it probably is,hair extensions!


Who do you trust? One of the drawbacks to buying online is that you miss out on the ability to see, touch and feel tangible products. You want to find a web company whose website is professionally created as well as clear and concise. A great website offers a wealth of information as well as crisp, clear images of the products for sale. Since image theft is a major problem, pay close attention to pixel quality as well as background colors. Websites with multiple image background colors and poor picture quality could be a tell tail sign that images were taken from other websites. The Luxurious Hair Boutique watermarks all images photographed by us in an attempt to discourage image theft and provides a special section called wigs 101 to assist our customers with understanding the vast amount of wigs choices available on the market today.

Where do you start? Our first suggestion is to fully research and educate yourself about various wigs and lace front wigs. If possible, talk with others who wear wigs or lace front wigs. Applying lace front wigs is an art within itself, so educating yourself on the process will eliminate frustration and confusion.

What should you expect? Finding a company who is knowledgeable about their products, as well as committed and devoted to aiding you in achieving your new look is a must! Communication is also a must. A clear store policy and shipping policy is vital. When purchasing lace front wigs, it is highly important to see photos of the actual wig. Celebrity photos does not always provide a true comparison. Some celebrities shown in photos may not even be wearing a wig let alone a lace front wig. Reputable sellers of lace front wigs, do NOT use copyrighted celebrity photos to solely endorse their products.

Contact information such as phone number, email address, live chat etc is VERY important in the event you want to speak with someone prior to your purchase. If you can not reach a representative before the sale, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to reach them after the sale. At The Luxurious Hair Boutique, can reach us via phone Monday through Saturday 9am until 9pm at 800-497-1860, email us or google our website The Luxurious Hair Boutique and communicate with us via live chat. If a live chat representative is not online or you receive our voice mail,clip in hair extensions, you can click to send a message which in turn alerts us via our paging system.

The Luxurious Hair Boutique is proud of our 100% feedback rating and go above and beyond to insure our customer's happiness!

**PLEASE NOTE** If a website or seller has pictures with various background colors or distorted images it doesn't mean that they are automatically a scammer or the images are stolen. Every website or seller conducts business their own way. Please research,remy hair extensions, ask questions and obtain references when possible.

Happy Shopping!

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