Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to Attach Your Hair Extensions

The various methods of attaching natural hair extensions completely seal them to your natural hair until you decide to remove them. You should research all these methods by reading about them and arranging consultations at several specialist salons. Then pick the method you want, choose your hairdresser accordingly,human hair extensions, and wait for the compliments on your gorgeous new hair styles.

Clip-on Extensions

Hair Bonding or Gluing

Hair Weaving

Select this method for more temporary extensions, perhaps for a very special occasion. The extensions need to be removed using a specially designed oil-based product on the glue before you wash your hair again. You need to be sure you are not allergic to the sealant before it is used on your hair.

You can clip these into your head whenever you want to wear them. For complete confidence, when you first use them,remy hair extensions, get a professional to attach these for you. In time you will become confident enough to do this successfully yourself.

This will last about six weeks before the extensions need to be removed.  In the meantime you can wash and style your hair as if it were all yours. Your stylists will be able to recommend the best products to use for this.

Ultrasonic Extensions

For extensions that will last up to six months, try the ultrasonic technique, which is often used together with hair replacement therapies following illness,cheap hair extensions, or on particularly fine or thin hair. This cold-fusion method is the least likely to cause any damage to your own hair if it is in a vulnerable state. Just use the recommended products to maintain your hair extensions as well as the health of your own hair, and you will only need to deal with extension attachments twice a year.

Micro-link Extensions

Tiny links, coloured to match your hair or completely clear,hair extensions, are used to attach the extensions. These links are good with very fine and straight hair and are reusable for up to about four times.

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