Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Proffesionally Applied Hair Extensions

People desire extensions for a variety of reasons. Some have fine or thin hair that they wish to look thicker, while others who want long hair don't want to wait for their own hair to grow. Some have straight hair and want curls. Extra hair can even be applied to very short or sparse hair, making them an excellent choice for just about anyone who wants fuller, thicker, or longer hair than what grows naturally on their heads.

As thicker, healthier human hair extensions styles increase in popularity, more and more salons are offering this service. Unfortunately, many of these stylists do not have the requisite experience and training to apply extensions correctly. Lower priced salons may use outdated techniques that cause a great deal of damage to your hair, or synthetic strands that look unnatural and quickly become ragged. The same thing goes with do-it-yourself applications – you'll likely end up with damage to your own hair that could be expensive to repair.

If you've thought that hair extensions are only for celebrities or for people going to formal occasions, think again. The beautifying effects of professionally applied extensions have revolutionized hair styles across the nation. More and more people are turning to expert salons to assist them in selection and application of real hair extensions for everyday wear.

The plastic-looking synthetic strands of yesterday may still be used in cheap clip-on products and at some discount hair parlors, but today's cutting edge stylists utilize the latest damage-free techniques to apply small sections of real hair that is perfectly matched to your natural hair's color and wave pattern. This results in an amazing transformation. Hair extensions becomes thicker, longer, and more glamorous, yet it still looks completely natural!

Professional and reputable salons have the knowledge and expertise necessary to add volume or length or whatever you are seeking, without damage to your natural hair. Months later, when it's time to take them out, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find you are simply in need of a basic split-end trimming. Furthermore, an expert application can last 3-6 months, depending on how quickly your hair grows and how well you take care of it.

The best extensions are made of human remy hair. This means that the cuticle is preserved and the strands are all oriented the same direction from cuticle to tip. Remy hair gives the most natural look, is easier to care for and can be styled similarly to your natural hair. Depending on the type you choose, you'll have many different options for everyday and special occasion wear. You can easily go from a casual ponytail to an elegant updo, or leave your hair straight or curly and flowing down your back.

Just because you're not a celebrity doesn't mean you can't have hair like one. Your expert stylist will be able to advise you on the ideal extensions for the styles you want to achieve, and will be sure to show you the best ways to care for your beautiful new style to keep it long-lasting and gorgeous every day.


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